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Suggestions in Vigo


Very well, you already know the best stories and the most outstanding monuments of Vigo. Now it’s time to discover the best places in Vigo and explore the varied cultural and gastronomic offer it presents.

Here we collect the best leisure alternatives in Vigo, from our point of view. All these places have something special and are frequented by the people of Vigo themselves to go for a drink, dinner, or to meet up with friends…

This collection is based solely on our personal experience.

We do not receive commissions or any kind of benefit, we just want to make the best recommendations in each category.

Degustación de quesos gallegos | Walking Eating Galicia

A VERGONZA DO GALEGO (The shame of Galician)

This phrase is well known in Galician popular culture and refers to that last piece of food that no one dares to take for not seeming rude.

Degustación de cerveza gallega | Walking Eating Galicia
We have summarized in the following map the best places to continue enjoying the city.
Restaurantes | Walkin Eatin Galicia


Bares y tapas | Walkin Eatin Galicia

Bars and tapas

Desayunos y meriendas | Walkin Eatin Galicia

Breakfasts and snacks

Salir de copas | Walkin Eatin Galicia

Drinks and nightlife

Tiendas y souvenirs | Walkin Eatin Galicia


Museos y monumentos | Walkin Eatin Galicia

Museums and other monuments

Vigo turismo | Walking Eating Galicia

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